Monday, January 21, 2013


So... I forgot to mention in my last post that Alice and I made it to Canada, where we are settled now. She loves it in Canada, and especially loves winter, although winter here is much colder than in Kathmandu. She likes almost everyone she meets here, dog and human, and is thriving in almost every way, although she still suffers from some separation anxiety and can't be left alone yet.  We're working on it.

Here are a slew of photos, almost all taken (or drawn) by other people.

And me, my world has, for the most part, shrunk from being the size of the world to the radius of a few blocks, as far as I can walk with my dog in this cold weather.  But it's not so bad. Smile.

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  1. What cold? You're in the southern bit. -44 where I was last week. Took twenty minutes of driving for my radio to work properly and the tires to stop thumping when the flat bits came around. :-)

    Welcome 'home'.