The Robin Hudson Mysteries

Agency: Russell Galen, Scovil Galen Ghosh

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"What a phenomenally entertaining writer Hayter is." Times of London

"Flat-out funny, audacious and a little bit weird, Hayter stakes out territory all her own . . .. For readers who respond to this brand of humor, Hayter's next book can't be published soon enough." Publisher's Weekly (starred review).

"Put down the paper right now and go out to buy What's a Girl Gotta Do by Sparkle Hayter . . . a mystery where you wait on the edge of your seat not for the next murder, but for the next thing Robin is going to say." The Washington Post.

"Enough fun here to make us beg for another installment." Vogue

"Hilarious." Playboy

"The funniest thing to come out of Canada since the moose." Red Magazine

"A hilariously written romp across the gender divide, downtown Manhattan's alternative scenes, and the frenetic world of TV News." Entertainment Weekly

What's a Girl Gotta Do
Soho Press 1994

Who is investigating the investigative reporters of the All News Network, and why? When a private investigator turns up dead, Robin Hudson and most her colleagues become suspects. Which of this mad crew is the killer, and how will Robin find out before she too ends up on a slab?

  Nice Girls Finish Last
 Viking Penguin 1996

A dead gynecologist spins Robin Hudson into the world of S&M and a chilling dominatrix.

Revenge of the Cootie Girls
Viking Penguin 1997

A Girl's Night Out on Halloween goes awry after Robin's naive young intern calls from a married man's closet, then disappears.

The Last Manly Man
William Morrow, 1998

A mysterious man in a hat leads Robin into a conspiracy involving a dozen missing libidinous bonobo apes.

The Chelsea Girl Murders
William Morrow, 2000

A fire forces Robin out of her apartment and into her friend Tamayo's flat at the infamous Hotel Chelsea where Robin gets drawn into a mystery involving a dead art dealer,  terrorists,  a spoiled princess, and an underground railroad for women escaping arranged marriages and other gender crimes. ""Sure to delight her fans." Publisher's Weekly


 Naked Brunch
McLelland&Stewart, 2002 

Annie Engel, the last nice girl in New York, wakes up one day to discover she's a werewolf, pursued by a born-again werewolf hunter, a psychiatrist to lycanthropes, and another werewolf with mysterious motives. 

Bandit Queen Boogie
Crown, 2004

Two young American women become accidental criminals while backpacking in Europe, and find their fates intertwined with an heiress on the lam from rehab, a Christian writing a guidebook, and Indian mobsters. 

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